The Ocmulgee National Park and Preserve Initiative (ONPPI) President Brian Adams led efforts over the weekend to purchase 687 acres of land  off Bondsview Road located between the Indian Mounds and and Bond Swamp in the southeast area of Bibb County. With funding from the Peyton Anderson Foundation, and working in partnership with the Ocmulgee Land Trust, the tract was purchased for $815,000. Adams learned of the pending land sale in late October. In turn he talked with Karen Lambert, CEO at the Foundation. Ms. Lambert recognized the parcel as a critical element in efforts to secure National Park and Preserve status for the area reaching from the Indian Mounds down the river corridor to Hawkinsville.

Ken Krakow aerial photo special to the Macon Telegraph captures the oxbow between the Indian Mounds and Bond Swamp.

The land stretches down three miles of riverfront property and includes an entire oxbow of the Ocmulgee. It is rich in hardwoods and deer in addition to providing habitats for migratory birds. The land adjoins Bond Swamp and the Indian Mounds, making it a key portion of the area ONPPI is advocating for National Park and Preserve designation. The purchase of the four tracts sold Saturday will be concluded at the end of the year. The land will be owned by the Ocmulgee Land Trust, which is managed by New Town Macon. A boundary study has been underway to extended the perimeter of the National Monument.

Jim David, Superintendent at the Indian Mounds, told the Macon Telegraph that including the land bought last weekend as part of the boundary study isn’t certain. A public hearing on the boundary will be held early in the new year. What is certain is that the purchase of this land by the Ocmulgee Land Trust ensures that the pristine qualities of this area will be protected. ONPPI appreciates the support from community leaders at the Peyton Anderson Foundation and the Ocmulgee Land Trust.