Ocmulgee River at Porter Pavilion, Amerson Water Park

Amerson River Park will have a new canoe landing at Bowman Creek, 7.5 miles of trails, permanent restrooms, more parking, and improved roads when a year-long project is finished next spring, according to the Macon Telegraph.

The improvements are being paid for with  Congressional funds secured in 2005 by former U.S. Rep Jim Marshall. The park will be closed to visitors with the exception of an educational program for 1,800 seventh graders in Bibb County who are studying water quality, pollution, and aquatic eco-systems.

When all the features of long-range plans are completed, perhaps in 2018, there will be a continuous connection from Amerson River Park to the Ocmulgee Indian Mounds.

These upgrades will serve to attract area citizens and out-of-town visitors to visit the park. Coupled with the National Park and Preserve designation ONPPI supporters are working towards, the entire area should see a huge boost in recreation activity, educational programming, tourism, and economic opportunities.